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When Is The Best Age For Beginning of Investing?

2012 Feb 27


It is not actually surprising for beginner investors to worry on the best age or the right timing to invest. Usually, if you get started at the wrong age or at the wrong time to purchase an investment, it could lead to great losses of your savings and assets. Remember, in investing, time is of the essence. So to help you avoid getting confused or intimated by others who have been successful on their investments at an early age, here are tips on the best age to start an investment.


Usually the younger you start, the better. But the great problem here is that if you started to invest, say, at your twenties, chances are your investment decisions will most likely be affected by many other things like your apartment bills, car maintenance, night outs, dates, etc. But if you are at your twenties and you think you are a good saver, then it could be the best age for beginning of investing.


But of course, being at your twenties does not always mean it is the best age to invest. Actually it age does not matter. Either you are older or at a tender age, the best time to begin an investment is today. If you have the will and the discipline to save today, then “today” is the right time to invest.


If you plan to invest, of course you have to have constant, regular flow of income. If you are jobless, then you have no money to put aside for investments. Next, you have to have at least basic understanding on the type of investment you want to pursue. You have to have an idea where you want to invest and how much money would you need or spend. You must also have developed the right attitude on investing; meaning you should not be an “easily swayed” investor but a firm decision-maker who knows how and when to invest. And you have to know how to invest.


Most first-time investors wonder when is the best age to invest; the answer to this question would still depend on how much money you have today, how much do you know about investments, and where would you think is the right place to invest.  And don’t forget that power of compounding is a powerful thing, don’t be late to use it!



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