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Time Spent for Investing

2011 Sep 21

Does investing require a lot of time? Well, for any endeavor of merit, especially when it is about making money, it always takes time. Quick rich schemes are too good to be true and usually they really are. But what do we mean by ‘a lot of time?’ It may be subjective. Does this mean years? Or (for the impatient) does this equate to just several weeks?

Let us consider several basic factors related to investment.


First, one has to have enough money to do some investing in any form of business or even to play in the stock market. Assuming one has this, let’s say, from some inheritance, or by virtue of hard work which is quite often the case, then can one begin investing? Not yet really if you  want to play it safe and right.

Second, one must know how the market works or how a business is run. Education is actually already a form of investment. Knowledge is truly power in this scenario. Learning the trade may also take some time. This is very important. If you don’t know how to follow the rules of the game, how do you expect to win? How can you expect to earn from your investment?


Next, it is good to try to find a respectable brokerage firm one can work with if one is to play in the stock market. Do some research online or in business papers. After all, the relationship one may have with them may be a long one so choose the one you will trust.


Finally, decide where you will put your money for investment. Decision for choosing the company where one will be investing in may take time also as one will have to consider company profile and history, prevailing market conditions and even one’s gut feel may play a role. Give your time and effort in investing on the market segments that you are familiar with or the things that you are interested in. There is always a risk involved in investing, for instance, in choosing how much stocks to buy from which company. So always try to be careful.


The rewards from the investment will come in either the form of money or more shares of stock, depending on the investment made. These rewards may come in after several months, or years, after the initial investment was made. If you were patient enough to read up to this point, then you may be patient enough to do some investing and benefit from it. Remember, investing always takes time. 


Investment management isn’t a simple task. It takes not only long period to get investment results, but also needs some time of yours directly, when you are making investment actions. Every action takes time. You buying and selling stocks, bonds or funds, it takes time to complete transactions. If you let do that to your investment manager, it still takes time to watch what is he doing and how it goes. 


Of course you will be needed to allocate much more time for investing if you will invest in stocks or bonds directly. If you will use investment (mutual) funds, you will save a lot of time. But if you are very busy, and want to best time saving scenario, then you should ask your investment manager to manager yours investment portfolio.


Time is important factor at investing. Before the beginning of investment actions you should already decide how much time you can spend for investing and what yours investment horizon is. It is very important for your investment strategy



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