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Investment Book:


Investing for Beginners Exposed: Or What Investment Consultants Hide from You 

Rokas Lukosius (Author of the book and this website)


No matter whether you are a seasoned investor or just preparing to invest; if you are interested in investing and still have unanswered questions, this book is just for you. 

Investing for Beginners Exposed is written in interesting business novel form so reading and absorbing all the pertinent information will be easy and fun. In this book, you will learn all the most important things you need to know at investing and after you read it, you should have a solid foundation under your feet to approach the slippery world of investments. 

You especially have to read this book if you don’t want to remain stuck in the all-consuming spiral of job after job or work after work for the rest of your life. 

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  • This book is different. This book was designed for easy reading and the professional content is included in interesting business novel shape which fits every person. Also this book is completely different from book series “Be Rich in few days” because it teaches about investment techniques and reveals most important facts about investing.
  • This book will be beneficial to you. When you will finish reading ‘Investing for Beginners Exposed’, you will be raised to the next level. You will not have weak places at investing field anymore. No other easy reading book can provide that for you. 
  • You need this book. If you aren’t investment professional, this book will improve your investment skills significantly. You are looking information about investing, and this book will be the best choice for you. Try it and you won’t regret it.
  • This book is worth its price. If you wonder whether this book is worth its price, you should know that the price of the book is ridiculously low compared to amounts of capital that can be saved or earned with help of this book. 
  • This book was a bestseller (!) at author’s home market (in the market where very few people are investing!!). Now this book is translated to English and you have this amazing opportunity to read it. Don’t miss this opportunity!


After reading this book about investment, you should easily answer such questions:

  • Why is it worth to invest?
  • What can be expected from investment?
  • How to start investing?
  • What mistakes are needed to avoid during investment?
  • What investments are the best?
  • How to choose the right investments?
  • How to optimize the results of investment portfolio?
  • Are the investment advisers trustful?
  • What investment consultants are hiding from you?
  • And much more ...

Some reviews from our readers:

John (john246 {eta} 2011-12-13
"I really liked this book. Money well spent. Thank you."

Tommy (tommnatista {eta} 2012-01-27
"I liked this one. And I have to say that this book was really a big help for me understanding investments. To say true I still feel in some way a beginner at investing but this book helped me to ugrasp many things and I really liked to read it. I would recommend it to any investor who is not yet a pro!"

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Read what the author says about this book: 

“When I was young and inexperienced, I was hungry for knowledge and I was looking for every book I could get about investing. However, most of the books were created for academicians and hard to read, as well hard to understand. Other books were easy to read but skin-deep or touched only several ideas that were even not necessary ones. 

“So when I was writing this book, I was thinking only what book would I like to read by myself. I have put all the experience that I got during my years of career at investment companies. No hidings in this book. Everything is exposed for you. 

“If I would have this book before I started to invest, I would have saved a lot of money…”


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If you are still not sure, read some extracts from the book:
First extract 
Second extract
Third extract 
(extracts are random and the text is not continued)


If you are still not sure, read some extracts from the book:

  1. First extract 
  2. Second extract
  3. Third extract 

(Extracts are random, and the text is not continued)

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