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How to Invest

Investing Basics

Read this investing tutorial and get the answers about investment that you need the most. 


  Why to Invest?

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  The Main Steps for Investing Beginners


Why to Invest?

If you are reading this article that must mean that you are already interested in investing and have some arguments for it. But let me help you to be convinced. 


Investing it is a choice of your lifestyle. You always can choose the living style of yours in every way. If you want, you can be saver and save some money for investing or other purposes. Or you can act in opposite – to be a consumer and spend all the money you have or even more taking credits. 


There are many people who simply cannot save money independently. It is just a type of character and it cannot be changed. (Test the character type of yours here!) Even if such people are earning big money, they spend it as fast as small money, and big amount of money in bank account just makes them nervous.


Opposite pole of character is a saver. Such person will always have some money for a bad day and spends less than earns. It is natural for him and do not requires any effort. Money accumulates for the saver it the bank account just naturally as a consumer gets home with an empty wallet. 


Well, those character types depends on genetics and cannot be changed, however most of the people are in between of those two types and can choose their strategy purposely. So, why should they?


1. Investor’s way is much safer than spender’s/consumer’s way. Because nobody really knows what can happen for him and when he/she will lose the job or when he will be needed for large sums for health problems or etc.


2. Investor’s way gives more freedom. At first sight it may seem that investor’s way is too much restricted and unpleasant. But when you will be used to it, you are going to feel the benefits. For example, when you will get too much tired and bored of work, you can just quit it and look for new life opportunities.  


3. Investor’s way allows you to acquire some expensive goods or services without credits. Credits are dangerous and make people depressed over long period. 


4. And the most important, investor’s way gives back a control of life for you. Of course, control is only illusion in this world, but at least you get more control of material side of life. 


Saving/investing is important decision, but only if you don’t have any savings yet. If you already have some serious savings (more than 3 months income) then you certainly should thing about investing. Because investing doesn’t mean necessary risking your money: there are a lot of different investments and investment strategies. If you have some savings, it is already investing just might be not effective one. 



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