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Investment Styles of Most Famous Investors

2012 Mar 1


Every investor wants to achieve successful results but not everyone succeeds in it. So what are the secrets of successful investors? 


There might be many answers to these questions because there are many types of investors. Let’s just concentrate now on two types of investors. The best way to represent these types of investors is to choose leading investors. And those two of course should be Warren Buffet and George Soros. Those two are the most famous world’s investors and both have completely different investment styles and investment strategies. 


The investment style of Warren Buffet is like a classical one. He always knows what he is doing and always does that by making perfect decisions. It is a typical value driven investment style which is based on looking for undervalued stocks, and there are many method’s to determine that. Investment philosophy of Buffet is very wise but requires a lot of psychological prearrange. The hardest thing that he does is buying stocks when everybody is selling during bear market. And another highly famous thing is about the period: this investor is known by long term approach. How he says it: the best investment period is forever…


While the investment style of George Soros is completely different. This investor is also extremely rich and made his money from scratch. But the true is that Soros is more speculator than investor and his investment style is completely different. George Soros goes for fast profit and the profit has to be huge. Also Soros disgraces one of the main investors’ rule – diversification. What he says about it, that diversification is only for sparrows.


It is easier for them when everybody follow such known investors. The thing is that they are so famous that everybody knows about their investments. And that is not yet everything. Many investors are following those decisions by own money and those investments are tend to move even more in that direction. Actually, Soros is known by his manipulations trying to mislead the market and other investors. 


In any case, you should have your own investment policy which would lead you to the best investment results… 



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