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Mark Twain

Investment in Collectibles


Many kinds of collectibles may also be considered as investments, but their value and benefits are much more elusive, than more serious traditional investment instruments.

Works of art, stamps, antiques, coins, collectible wines and other exotic  values may also have high rates of return in longer term, but such investments are particularly high-risk if investing person don‘t know the market very well.

Ordinary securities as a rule are traded on the stock exchange where automatically the correct price is determined with the assistance of demand and supply, and the probability to sharply overpay or sell to cheap is low. In the meantime, investment in collectibles is much complicated because if you are not good enough expert of the things that you are trading, you can be easily deceived.

Therefore, it is advisable to invest in such investments only if it coincides with your hobby, and you exactly know what you're doing. If your collections will be very valuable, then you will have to worry about safety and security also. That will be an additional cost.

Investment in various collectible values are very strongly associated with fashion, and there can be „bubbles“ larger and faster than in the traditional investment markets. So if you will decide start investing in collectibles, try to choose investment collectibles that was valuable for centuries, not just for the last years (or days).

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