Investing for Beginners , investing I never attempt to make money on the stock market. I buy on the assumption that they could close the market the next day and not reopen it for five years.
Warren Buffett

Investing and Personal Finance


Why to Invest?

Investing and Personal Finance 

Investment Goals and Factors 

How to Choose Risk Tolerance at Investing?

Types of Investments

Asset Allocation

How to Pick Securities

Risk and Reward

The Main Steps for Investing Beginners



Personal finance sounds difficult and mysterious in some way. But in reality there is nothing mystical and difficult about personal finance, and if there is some, then it’s emotional or psychological difficulties. Personal finance includes all financial decisions that are made by person or by family. If you have any income and expenses (would be strange if you are not) then you are directly involved in personal finance.


Normally personal finance includes analysis of the income/spending, wealth analysis, financial goals and financial plan to reach those goals. Depending on person’s wealth situation most of the time investing also takes part in personal finance. If person is saving some money every month he accumulates larger funds over longer period. And it is not very smart to hold all the saving in bank’s account if there is better possibilities in the market. 


As personal finance do not solve all the investing questions, but is very important by creating financial goals because only correct financial goals can make investment strategy suitable for investor. 


The main thing about personal finance philosophy is that life – is a “short term opportunity” and you have to understand it correctly. If you will focus yourself on wealth accumulation too much you may use your life not properly. If you will spend too much then your life will be also troubled and not safe. It is all about the balance and environment of it.


So after bringing your personal finance in order (balance your income and expenses, credits, interests paid, prepare a financial plan) sooner or later you will be needed for investing services to achieve proper results. 


When you have reasonable amount of funds at investing to worry about then do some research on it and look for the best possibilities. It is important that your savings would work efficiently and would create more benefits to you as investments


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