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Real Estate Investment Management


Real estate investment management is a management of real estate portfolio. Real estate investments are different from standard investments (securities) and management of real estate investments differs from investment fund management or traditional investment management process


Real estate is not traded in stock exchange and that creates additional problem: liquidity. Real estate investment management usually takes more recourse because more manual job is needed. 


Real estate investment management has several functions:

  • Real estate market research (including macro economy research)
  • Search for best real estate investment objects
  • Acquisition of objects (including all legal details, it may be a lot of work)
  • Search for tenants and lease administration
  • Technical administration of real estate investment
  • Search for real estate object buyers


The core thing that all real estate investment managers are trying to do, is to buy some real estate object at cheap price, find some tenants that would pay more for the rent, and sell that object of another investor at a higher price and lower rent yield (it may be from 5%-10% normally).



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