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Investment in ETF Funds

ETF (Exchange-Traded Fund)

Investment in ETFs has become increasingly popular pushing out traditional investment funds. Few main factors added to popularity of this investment: availability of ETF's and low taxes compared to traditional mutual funds. It is true that normal index funds have low fees as well, but are much difficult to acquire than ETFs.

Investing in ETF is not substantially different than investing in other investment funds: if you chosen a market for investing then you just need to pick an investment tool for strategy implementation, and ETF might be one of those tools. Buying ETFs is not more difficult than buying shares on the same stock exchange.

However, investing in ETF funds will not completely replace investing other funds - because ETFs are created not for all the worlds markets, only for the most popular. And f you will invest in other that home market (other exchange), then you might  be stopped by a higher minimum commission fee if investing in small amounts, but that would depend on specific market and broker.


ETFs may be very different, those are the main categories:


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