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Pig (investor)


A pig is an animal known by every farmer. However, at investing pigs are also popular yet the meaning is different.


In investment world are two kinds of animals mentioned the most: bulls and bears. Bullish means that investor is waiting for the raise of the stock market when bears are waiting the bear market which means that investments should lose value. And pigs are neither bulls neither bears, pigs are called those investors who changes their attitude from bull to bear very often and fast jumping in stock market creates additional costs and losses. 


Pig investors have two main problems. The first one is greed and they are losing the sense of reality because of greed. The second is a lack of stable investment strategy or failure to comply that strategy. However, pig investor is just a ‘name’ made out of jokes and in reality such investors may be normal investors and people, only they may lack of experience and knowledge at investing. 



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