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Bernard Madoff

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Investment Services


Investment services is a spectrum of financial services provided by investment banks, brokerage houses, investment management companies and other financial intermediaries that work in investment finance segment.


It is completely normal that huge investment service industry has developed because of high demand. Not only rich people need investment services (however, they need it the most) but also many other people that are involved in pension or insurance schemes. Also investment services are very important part of corporate financial planning and stockholders wealth maximization. Investment banking services can also be assigned to investment services and it is a huge industry. 


Of course, all the providers of investment services are only intermediaries and can be bypassed by direct counterparties, but it is not more possible than bypass all the supermarkets by their clients. The providers of investment services have the “know – how” and the distribution networks that make an entire infrastructure of financial services. 


The main services in investment field:

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