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BRIC Countries


BRIC countries are the largest emerging economies over the world. The first letters of every country make a name of B R I C and those countries are:

  • Brazil (population - 192m)
  • Russia (population - 143m)
  • India (population -  1,210m)
  • China (population - 1,340m)

All these countries were not very significant in economical arena few decades ago, but now they are expanding so rapidly that sooner or later BRIC will play the main role over the global economy


BRIC countries could be split according to their economical characteristics in two blocs: India – China, and Russia – Brazil. India and China are the largest economies by population over the world. As GDP per capital is tend to get more similar in all the countries over long period, these countries eventually will turn to huge economical power. While Russia and Brazil don’t have such amazing population, those are still very large countries and their power is in commodities production capabilities. Russia and Brazil have huge resources of various raw materials and huge agricultural land resources. 


BRIC countries are extremely popular among investors. And it should not be surprising because investments in BRIC stocks have all what they need: extremely high economical growth, guaranteed long term potential, good diversification (commodities users and commodities producers). 


Of course all those countries still have a lot of problems and investment in BRIC is risky, but every investor knows, that future belongs to these countries (especially China and later India) and every investor should allocate a little of space for such investment. 



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