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Best Investments


Best investments are always wanted, but the reality is that there are no best investments for everyone. And if such investment would exist then those investments would become an investment bubble and would not stay the best investments for anybody. 


If to believe that financial markets are effective, then all investments should have a return adequate to their risk. If not to believe that financial markets are effective then important thing is to find some investments that would not be found by anyone yet. It is hard to believe that some blue chip stock would be heavily undervalued and not attract any attention from big institutional investors. However, there might be some low market capitalization stocks that aren’t widely known and can be undervalued, especially in emerging markets but such investments are riskier.


For a regular investor who doesn’t have a lot of time and enough of skills for stock screening in emerging markets, best investments are those that suits him the best. Every investment has its own characteristics and those characteristics have to match particular investor’s needs.



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